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Speak For All Occasions

Single Parenting

Grief Care

Race Relations


Preaching Coach

Life Coach

Guest Speaker

Sunday Supply Preach


Mission Trip Coordinator (Vacation With a Purpose)

Ghana West Africa ( 1994)

Israel ( 1996)

Jamaica (2005)

Belize (2015)

Dominican Republic (2016)

Panama (2017)

Interim Pastor (18 Month Contract)

Help your church prepare to call your next pastor.

Speaking Topics Include..

Sermon Topics...


How Not to be Great

What in HELL do You Want

You Have Been Here Long Enough

Don't Panic, it's Only a Test

Dogs Allowed

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

From Heartbreak to Heartburn


Mens Ministry Topics...

Call Waiting

Games Jonah Played

Soul Searching

Years After Challenge, Chaos, Crisis (Y.A.C)

Where Are The Men?

Legacy of Faith-Hope-Love

Don't Call it Love (Addiction)

Mens Ministry

Why men don't go to church

Men's retreat planning

Mens retreat leader and/or speaker

Developed mens leadership training

PHD= Preparing for His Disciples : A year long leadership program for men