Member, Christ the King Lutheran Church

Kenneth Davis is a man who has a deeply caring and compassionate heart. His dynamic and energetic preaching always manages to touch and communicate the message of God’s love and how we can, and should, share that love with others.  It’s a love that Kenneth lives on a daily basis.His life experiences – both positive and negative – have given him special insight that directly impacts how he ministers to those that are grieving or experiencing difficult times in their lives. 

Kenneth is an empathetic and inspirational leader. You seldom meet someone who is as serious about his faith, and who actually lives it day in and day out, as Pastor Kenneth. He believes deeply in the power of prayer and I am thankful that I, and anyone else who needs it, can always count on him to be there.



Member, La Casa de Cristo

Kenneth, people have compared you to others  but I don't know if that's fair. None of those people have had the impact on my life the way you have. You've been the example of living a Christ-like life for over 20 years now, which to me is bigger than anything those guys have done to impact me directly. 


You've consistently been the most supportive, accepting, and honest and direct person over those 20 years. To understand the impact you've made, you were specifically sought out to be at the center of the two most important days in my life (my marriage and baptism of our fist child) when we lived in two different states. 



Member, Palisades Lutheran Church

Kenneth Davis, a man of wisdom, knowledge, and respect. With his dynamic and motivational speeches, it gives you a new perspective on life and God. Kenneth’s passion for preaching is one of the many things he is respected for. He also works hard to get justice for all and to spread the word of God amongst everyone.